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<em>Fire Service Pump Operator: Principles and Practice</em>
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Skill Drills

Skill Drills will help you with the most important skills taught in the book.

Chapter Title
Skill Drill 3-2: Shutting Down a Hydrant
Skill Drill 3-3: Obtaining the Static Pressure
Skill Drill 3-4: Operating a Pitot Gauge
4Mathematics for the Driver/Operator
Skill Drill 4-5: Determining the Friction Loss in Appliances
Skill Drill 4-6: Using a Pitot Gauge
Skill Drill 4-7: Using In-Line Gauges to Test Friction Loss
7Pumper Operations
Skill Drill 7-7: Backing a Fire Apparatus into a Fire Station Bay
9Responding on the Fire Ground
Skill Drill 9-1: Connecting a Storz Coupling Soft Suction Hose from a Hydrant to a Pump
Skill Drill 9-2: Inspecting a Solid-Stream Nozzle
Skill Drill 9-3: Inspecting a Fog-Stream Nozzle
Skill Drill 9-5: Hand Laying a Supply Line
Skill Drill 9-7: Performing a Changeover Operation
10Water Supply
Skill Drill 10-3: Drafting from a Static Water Source
Skill Drill 10-4: Providing Water Flow for Handlines and Master Streams
Skill Drill 11-1: Batch Mixing Foam
Skill Drill 11-3: Operating an Around-the-Pump Proportioning System
Skill Drill 11-6: Operating a Compressed-Air Foam System
Skill Drill 11-7: Applying Class A Foam on a Fire
Skill Drill 11-8: Applying Foam with the Roll-on Method
Skill Drill 11-10: Applying Foam with the Raindown Method
12Performance Testing
Skill Drill 12-1: Conducting the No-Load Governed Engine Speed Test
Skill Drill 12-2: Performing the Pump Shift Indicator Test
Skill Drill 12-3: Performing the Pump Engine Control Interlock Test
Skill Drill 12-4: Performing a Gauge Meter Test
Skill Drill 12-5: Performing a Flow Meter Test
Skill Drill 12-6: Testing the Tank-to-Pump Rate
Skill Drill 12-8: Performing a Priming System Test
Skill Drill 12-9: Performing a Capacity Test (150 psi Test)
Skill Drill 12-13: Performing a Pressure Control Test